What characteristics and mindset make up the best competitive video game players?

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 2:14pm : Gaming

These are some of the major characteristics and mindsets that I have stumbled across during my years in esports.

Maturity - What I've noticed scouting for players is that many of the ones that succeed have an immense maturity, already at a young age.

Passion - Some people like to play video games, others love to play video games, professional esport atheles live to play video games.

Respect - This goes a bit hand in hand with maturity but without respect, both internally in a team and towards other players, you are not getting very far. Playing video games at a competitive level is just like any other job and in order to keep your team intact one has to show respect towards co-workers.

Thrive - This is also something I've seen developing at an early age for esport athelets. They want to accomplish something, whether it would be to prove their parents wrong about that "stupid hobby" or show those nay-saying friends that they have what it takes.

Together we can accomplish anything - A good gamer knows that he will get nowhere without his team. This is sadly something I see people fail on all the time. Don't be stupid work on your team spirit!

The "Fun & Business" Balance - Spending up to 12 hours a day 5 days a week might not be the biggest cheer all of the time. It is therefore important to find a good balance between strict training and just pure fun.

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Hampus Hagander, I know a lot about eSports since I work in eSports





Beau Wolff

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